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Is your business looking for effective ways to reach your target audience through real-time and on-location communications? ?

ADA Reach Cambodia, powered by Smart, is an all-in-one platform for mobile advertising that connects you with 7.5 million mobile users through the SMS gateway, with the effectiveness of consumer targeting maximized by in-depth telco analytics and customized solutions.?

5 core marketing solutions

  • Target Like Never Before?

Using data science, ADA and Smart have segmented the subscriber base so brands like yours can enjoy the most relevant consumer targeting.?

  • Connecting with Your Userbase?

We use the SMS gateway to help your brand connect with your customers through an Application-to-Person (A2P) system that is integrated with your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) database. ??

  • Real Time and Right Place?

Consumers live in the moment and so should you as a brand. Leverage telco data to deliver your communications at the location and time you want – the possibilities are endless!?

  • Millennials at Center Stage?

Reach a wider audience by leveraging Cambodia’s #1 homegrown entertainment app Pleng it provides you with a unique audience base, as well as ad and content opportunities.?

  • Incentivize and Reward?

Drive engagement by incentivizing your customers with rewards linked to Cambodia’s telco and digital champions – Smart and Pi Pay.?


To check out the package offers, contact us at?[email protected]?and?our team will guide you to the plan most suitable for your business needs.?

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