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To help Cambodians who are facing difficulties accessing food supplies in Red Zones due to their location or financial problems, Smart has set up the Food Support Program, which subscribers can donate to. All donations will go towards funding relief packages. ?

Smart subscribers can donate from 1 USD up to 10 USD from May 6 to 31, 2021, by simply dialing *2020*amount#. To donate 1 USD, for example, dial *2020*1#. Smart will also match all donations up to 100,000 USD.?

Donate now to support your fellow Cambodians in their time of need! ?


Terms & Conditions

  • ?You can donate from May 6 until 31, 2021.???
  • ?Only Smart prepaid subscribers can donate.??
  • ?You can donate between 1 USD and 10 USD by dialing *2020*amount#. For example, to donate 1 USD, dial 2020*1#??
  • ?Smart will match donations up to 100,000 USD.??
  • ?You can donate as many times as you want?as long as?you have sufficient balance.??
  • ?100% of the donations will go towards funding relief packages for people living in Red Zones. Distribution details will be?announced?at a later date.??

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