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With different questions to test your knowledge every time you play, on topics from sport and technology to history, iCAN gives you the chance to win cash prizes!

You can play as much as you want, and the more you play, the better your chance of winning! Those who get the most correct answers in the fastest average time will be crowned the winners at the end of each month and round, with each round lasting 6 months.

All iCAN subscribers are also entered into a lucky draw to win fantastic prizes every month!

Subscribe for just 3 cents/day, with calls costing only 2 cents/minute! Play for fun and show everyone just how smart you are. Simply call 988 to listen and answer the questions.

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Prize Schedule for iCAN Round 25

Monthly prize Time/date of winner announcement
6th month 12/01/2021
5th month 10/12/2020
4th month ?10/11/2020
3rd month 08/10/2020
2nd month 08/09/2020
1st month 07/08/2020

iCAN Round 25 Prizes

Winner Prize Amount
1st place in round 5,000 USD 1
2nd place in round Honda Scoopy 2020 1
Monthly winner 1,500 USD 5

iCAN Round 25 Monthly Lucky Draw Prize

Winner Prize Amount
6th-month lucky draw Samsung Galaxy 20 Ultra 1
?5th-month lucky draw 150 USD 2
?4th-month lucky draw 150 USD 2
3rd-month lucky draw 150 USD 2
?2nd-month lucky draw 150 USD 2
?1st-month lucky draw 150 USD 2

Every subscriber will also receive a code upon successful subscription via SMS. If you receive the number “9999999”, you will automatically win 2,000 USD!

Terms & Conditions

  • All Smart prepaid subscribers can subscribe to iCAN, with exception of Smart @Home.
  • To subscribe to iCAN Daily, please dial *9888*1#, send ON to 988 or call to 988 then follow instruction.
  • To subscribe to iCAN Weekly, please dial *9888*7#, send ON 7 to 988 or call to 988 then follow instruction.
  • To unsubscribe, please dial *9888*0# or send OFF to 988.
  • Monthly and round winners will be contacted by our Call Center (888).
  • If you require general support for iCAN, please contact our Call Center. Alternatively, if you seek clarification or confirmation of your results, please contact 010 664 692.

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