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Enjoy the latest entertainment, fashion news and other top content with fresh clips every day from DailyTV!

You can choose from Funny, Korean/Japanese Pop, Supermodel, Variety or Knowledge for ONLY 5 cents/day each! Best of all, you’ll get a FREE 1-day trial to see if you like it.

To subscribe to a DailyTV package, visit?

Daily fee Auto-renewed
3-day fee One-time
  • Funny
  • KJ Pop
  • Supermodel
  • Variety
  • Knowledge
  • 5 cents/day
  • 5 cents/day
  • 5 cents/day
  • 5 cents/day
  • 5 cents/day
  • 20 cents
  • 20 cents
  • 20 cents
  • 20 cents
  • 20 cents

Terms & Conditions

  • This service is available exclusively to Smart subscribers. Non-Smart subscribers and Wi-Fi users will not be able to subscribe to any DailyTV channel unless they switch on Smart mobile data.
  • The subscription fee is charged per channel on a daily recurring basis.
  • To unsubscribe, visit?

What phone models support DailyTV?

DailyTV is supported by all smartphones and feature phones with Internet capability. Phone models supporting DailyTV include iPhone, Samsung, Nokia, Blackberry, Sony Ericsson, Windows Mobile, Motorola, Xiaomi and many more.

What type of entertainment does DailyTV offer?

DailyTV is a video entertainment service that offers a variety of channels, including Funny, Korean/Japanese Pop, Supermodel, Variety and Knowledge. Each channel costs just 5 cents/day and you get daily video updates plus UNLIMITED access to watch all videos in the channel.
You’ll also enjoy a 1-day FREE trial.

Who is eligible to use the DailyTV service?

DailyTV is available to all Smart prepaid and postpaid customers.

Can I subscribe and access DailyTV using a Wi-Fi connection?

Sorry, unfortunately you can’t. DailyTV is only available on a Smart mobile data connection.

What should I do if I can’t play a video?

Please make sure your phone is data-enabled, you are in our coverage area and have a strong mobile connection to play DailyTV videos. You must also be connected to a Smart data connection to view DailyTV videos.

How do I unsubscribe from the channels that I have?

You can go to ‘Account’ at to view your subscriptions. Here, you’ll be able to unsubscribe to any channels you no longer want access to.

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